Manchester's premier green taxi fleet

At Xoom we are heavily focused on working towards better sustainability and championing ultra low emissions with a fleet containing a majority of Hybrid & EV vehicles.

Our Fleet comprises of:



Plugin Hybrids


Euro 6 Clean Air Vehicles


Euro 5 Diesels



We are going beyond just getting you to your destination by looking into ways we can keep you moving while causing as little impact as we can on climate change while having a positive impact on our environment and our communities

How we are achieving this:

Reducing wasted miles & wait times

What comes out of a vehicle isn’t the only issue affecting our environment, even EVs use energy which needs replacing. 

Every mile one of our cars drives without a customer onboard is wasted miles and efficiency, we aim to reduce these ‘Dead miles’ by utilising our smart GPS systems to make sure that the closest vehicle always picks up a customer, and that the routes are optimised.

A secondary benefit comes in the form of reduced wait times for customers, and makes sure most of the miles our fleet drive are with customers on board, reducing wasted mileage and energy.